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11 Thrilling Places to Explore in Birmingham

Top Thrilling Places to Explore in Birmingham

Posted on: 11 Mar, 2020

Birmingham, with its number of attractions, has been a significant tourist spot, especially in recent years. With its world-class galleries and museums, the city is known for its rich cultural heritage. Right from the Cadbury World to the Stratford Town Walk, there are a host of thrilling adventures that you can explore in this land of the Brummies.

Birmingham, the second-largest city in Britain, is situated in the West Midlands. The town is especially famous for its vast network of canals, wherein you can spend some memorable time with a travel partner. You can go down these beautiful and incredible waterways and enjoy a romantic boating experience with your companion. You can even choose to go down the walkways of the city and have some intimate moments with a beautiful girl. If you are a lover of art and culture, a visit to the Birmingham galleries and museums would be a great idea!

11 Beautiful Places to Visit in Birmingham

If you are visiting Birmingham, you need to know about the places which you can consider going to with your partner. So here we are with the top twenty places in Birmingham where you can spend some unforgettable moments.

1. Victoria Square and Birmingham City Center

Victoria Square and Birmingham City Center

Situated at the heart of the city, the Victorian Square is a pedestrian-friendly public square, which is home to the famous Town Hall and the seat of the city’s local government, the Council House. Being a short walk from St. Philip’s Cathedral, it is located on the primary pedestrian way in between the Bull Ring and the areas of Brindley place. You can consider exploring Victoria Square with your companion by taking the Birmingham City Center Path. You can discover the beautiful old Town Hall along the way and witness this incredible masterpiece of world-famous Victorian architecture. Don’t forget to miss out on Symphony Hall, especially if you are a music lover. It features some of the famous and classic acoustics with its A-list performers and singers. You are going to love the stunning auditorium and the harmonious atmosphere.

2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The most fascinating thing about Birmingham city lies in its rich culture and heritage. The city is home to the attractive Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and is popular for its collection of works from the Pre-Raphaelite painters. You will also get to witness some artworks from the 17th and the 19th centuries, as well as some fantastic sculptures by James Tower and Rodin. Are you interested in exploring some of the most unusual facts from history? You can witness some interesting archaeological findings and collections, most of which date back to as old as the Stone Age. Of course, the well-known Pinto Collection is going to steal the show, with its 6000+ toys, collectibles, and other objects made of wood.

3. Cadbury World, Bournville

Cadbury World, Bournville

Being one of the most adventurous places in Birmingham, the Cadbury World is one of the most popular attractions in the city. With about 500,000 visitors flocking to the centre each year, you can have some entertaining and exciting experiences. It is a short drive from Birmingham, where visitors get to learn about the exciting history of chocolate, along with its manufacturing process. It will take you through several steps in the manufacturing procedure with some of the wonderfully themed intriguing exhibits. You and your partner are going to love the joyous theme-park kind of attractions and have a tremendous chocolaty time together!

4. Birmingham Back to Backs

Birmingham Back to Backs

Also known as Court 15, Birmingham Back to Backs is the last surviving court of the city that consists of some fascinating back-to-back houses. They include hundreds of similar houses, all of which were built around courtyards shared, for the fast-growing population of the expanding industrial towns of Britain. It is worth visiting and is within an easy walking distance from the city center. The homes, which were once quite prolific through Birmingham, offer a unique and exciting insight into the severe living conditions and situations in which the working classes used to live. The charming displays of the place also throw significant light upon how these workers contributed to city life. Some of the highlights of the site include the sweet shop of the 1930’s or the souvenir shop. You can also participate in one of the thrilling and adventurous workshops that are held regularly at this attraction. To enhance your tour to this beautiful place, we would recommend you to book one of its two cottages and stay here overnight to experience the charm of the Back to Backs.

5. National SEA LIFE Center

National SEA LIFE Center

Want to experience a fun time with the first sea otters of the UK? Being the most visited tourist spots in the city, the adventurous National Sea Life Center is known for housing over 60 marine-life related exhibits. It comprises a sizable million-liter ocean tank, which is the main center of attraction of the place. It is home to the only 360-degree Ocean Tunnel of the country with sharks swimming over and underneath as you take a thrilling walk through the sea. You can have a view of the diverse marine life, which includes everything starting from reef sharks, giant octopi, crabs, lobsters to giant turtles, and several rare seahorses. With the penguins being the center of attraction, one can also have a 4D movie experience on the site. You can also book the fun-filled behind-the-scenes show or experience some penguin-feeding ones if time and money permit so.

6. Think-tank, Birmingham Science Museum

Think-tank, Birmingham Science Museum

How about some science-related stuff? The Thinktank is an award-winning science museum that comprises a host of scientific exhibits, which are quite fascinating and interactive. You can get to see an extensive collection of steam-powered devices and machines, including those from the locomotives and tractors. You can even witness some industrial machinery, many of which showcase the enormous role of Birmingham as a popular industrial center throughout the past few centuries. You can find yourself an intelligent lady in the city who would be a perfect partner to cater to your taste for science and technology.

7. Wrekin Hills

Wrekin Hills

Have an unexplainable love for hill stations? Well, you are going to love the Wrekin Hills of Birmingham. It has got some marvelous views to offer from this hilltop fortress. It is home to some of the oldest known rocks of the world in Shropshire on the path via this hilltop walk. The hill is a familiar tourist spot where people prefer taking long walks while taking the beautiful views of Shropshire. It’s Iron Age hill fort, situated on the summit of Wrekin Hills, is thought to be built by the Cornovii tribe. There is also a Wrekin transmitting station, which is used for telecommunications and broadcasting. Taking your companion down to these gorgeous walks won’t be a bad idea.

8. Bullring and Grand Central Birmingham

Bullring and Grand Central Birmingham

The Bullring is a popular shopping center situated in central Birmingham. It is connected to the Grand Central through a bridge, and it has been the most significant shopping center of the city since the Middle Ages. Being the ultimate shopping destination in the city, shopaholics would find it amazing! You can hop around about more than 200 stores of all your favorite brands, which your partner is going to love! If you are a foodie, you can even gorge on some delicious cuisines of the city at the famous Food Hall.

9. Sherborne Wharf Heritage Narrowboats

Sherborne Wharf Heritage Narrowboats

How about some pleasure boating with your companion? You can be a part of board the luxury passenger narrowboats traveling down the famous Birmingham Canals. Agencies dealing with services in companionship in Birmingham can help you select the perfect travel escort for accompanying you to your business trips, or even pure leisure walks together. Be prepared to travel down and witness the quiet stretches of these canals. Do you know that these very canals brought commercial life to the city? It gave a significant start to the industrial revolution some two hundred years back.

10. Stratford Town Walk

Stratford Town Walk

Well, this is one of the most visited couple destinations in Birmingham, wherein you can experience a romantic and intimate GFE companionship. You can easily find some beautiful and passionate girls from the portfolio of the Birmingham Dolls agency, rendering services in and around the city. Here, you can be a part of some of the informative guided walks and tours, which are also quite entertaining and enthusiastic.

11. Hippodrome


Having over 500,000 visitors annually, Birmingham Hippodrome is a non-profit, independent and registered charity, located on Hurst Street. You can be a part of one of the events taking place at this place round the year. Some of the notable performances taking place include those by ballet groups, opera, drama, pantomime, and West End shows. Birmingham Hippodrome has something for each of your tastes, and you will never get bored.

This comprehensive list of all the adventurous and thrilling tourist attractions in Birmingham would undoubtedly help you out during your stay in the city. You can find yourself a passionate and intimate GFE companions or a travel mate who would go with you to your desired places.