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How to Secure Your Presence at the UK Sexpo 2019?

Posted on: 22 Oct, 2019

The UK Sexpo is the most awaited annual event amongst the adult industry seekers. Those who seek adult entertainment on a global level, this globalized exhibition is a must-visit for them. The UK Sexpo 2019 was all set to take place in London this year. The event was set to be organized on 25th October through 29th October at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. However, due to some unexpected reasons, the show has been canceled for now. After several years of its inception, the event was going to be under the direct control of the supervisor of the event –David Ross. While there were some problems in finding the right place, the organizers of the event finally settled for the highly renowned National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, in London. The show enthusiasts are still keeping their hopes high with respect to the final release of the event details.

About the Event

The UK Sexpo 2019 is the largest adult lifestyle and sexuality exhibition in the world. With its prime focus on promoting the adult lifestyle and sexuality aspects of the adult industry, it is not to be confused with some porn exhibition. Nina Saini, the UK Sexpo Marketing Director, says, “I am involved with creating, implementing, and supervising the entire marketing strategy at the exhibition –right from branding to brainstorming, advertising, and conceptualizing the major series of events at the exhibition. The best thing that I like about the UK Sexpo is that it is immensely creative as well as diverse and draws the attention of thousands of visitors every year.”

Sexpo UK has been intentional in creating a show that aims at covering sexual health as well as lifestyle while being sexually inclusive at the same time. Some of the excellent partners of the exhibition are KFS, Diva, Gay Times, Cliterati, Skin Two, & Paul Raymond Publications. The exhibition also features the NHS John Hunter Clinic for promoting sexual health. The leading organization is responsible for offering free sexual health screenings while releasing the latest information as well as resources on sexual health.

In addition to the leading partners, the Sexpo UK is also known for presenting unparalleled entertainment in the form of eye-catching & visually-appealing resources along with the delivery of inspiring & informative seminars. The exhibition also presents a huge plethora of interesting things to purchase –all under a single roof. The main motive of the exhibition is to set up a fun, safe, and friendly environment that is judgment-free for all the visitors.

Remain updated about the latest information of the event including its date of operation this year with our help!

History of the UK Sexpo

The UK Sexpo exhibition witnessed its inception in Australia almost 20 years ago. The subsequent shows of the UK Sexpo in Australia & South Africa 2019 have managed to attract over 2.5 million visitors throughout the tenure. Over time, the exhibition has managed in gaining huge momentum as well as the interest of the adult industry enthusiasts who find it difficult to come across a similar-minded crowd. The Sexpo UK has been specifically created by keeping the British public in mind. This is the reason why the exhibition is regarded as unique.

If you wish to indulge in the goodness of the global-level adult industry, make sure that you are aware of the show details –when is it happening and where, and be a part of the grandeur!