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Valentine Day's 2020

Erotic things you can do on this Valentine’s Day 2020

Posted on: 03 Feb, 2020

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day when people spend time with their significant other and pamper them with gifts. Of course, the usual gifts are flowers, balloons, and chocolates, but you can forget about these cliched gifts and focus on something different. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are things you can do this Valentine’s Day 2020 to make it a special day.

Here are some of the best erotic things that you can do to take your Valentine’s Day 2020 celebrations to a whole new level.

Let Bondage Be Your Mantra

If you have not tried this before, now is the best time to get into bondage. You may be in for a surprise how it can connect you to your partner. You can go with bondage tape or padded bed restraints to get you started. Throw in a blindfold and let those intense sensations overtake you.

Try Different Love Making Positions

If you are looking for the best mating of your life, let the dominant partner be on top. That way, that partner controls the pace and rhythm and you will ache for more! Let the dominant partner remind you who is the boss and in control, even if it means getting spanked or getting an unbelievable oral. You can try this out with stunning Coventry girls and it will transform your ordinary experience into an extraordinary one.

Use Massage Candles for Titillation

Get some soy wax-based massage candles. These candles melt at a lower temperature compared to conventional candles. Besides giving your bedroom a romantic glow on Valentine’s Day, these massage candles can be put to some other use. Let kinkiness overtake you as you pour some hot wax on your partner’s body and massage it erotically. It will enhance erotic exploration and make foreplay more intense.

Embark on a Alluring Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt with a difference. Of course, it does involve leaving clues around the house, but rather than written clues, these are clothes that you have taken off. So, your partner follows the clothes until they reach the naked you ready to welcome him or her into a world full of passion. Now, doesn’t that sound erotic and sensual?

Spice Up Your Love Making Life with a Roleplay

You can begin this roleplay at a restaurant or bar, where you pretend you are picking up your partner for a sensual rendezvous. You can create a new identity and occupation. It will be fun, exciting and sensual. After all, many people fantasies about having romance with complete strangers, so this is a great way to add some mystique and eroticism to your couple life. You are bound by your imagination when indulging in roleplay. Let your imagination run wild and the possibilities will be endless.

Try a New Mating Toy

Another way to do something erotic during Valentine’s Day 2020 is to treat yourself to a new mating toy. Use it to satisfy all your needs or spice up your personal life. Get your partner to use the toy on you. It will help you achieve those levels of ecstasy that you always dream of. Alternatively, you can play by yourself and give a new definition to Valentine’s Day!

Record Yourself

You may be surprised how exciting it can be if you know that you are recording yourself while having sensual moments. It makes the erotic experience even more intense knowing that you are recording yourself. It would be a great experience after climaxing to watch the video with your partner.

Watch Yourself While Having Romance

Install adjustable mirrors in your room so that you can change the angle watch yourself while making love. It will provide you with a satisfying erotic visual experience like never before. Try different viewing angles and make your Valentine’s Day memorable. You will not regret it!

These are some of the best erotic things that you can do this Valentine’s Day 2020 and transform the way you have makeup and spend time with an gorgeous Birmingham Dolls.