Working as an escort is a matter of prestige and not a taboo anymore in the UK. It is a very legitimate profession which highly rewarding in monetary terms and you can make a fine career of it. At Birmingham Dolls we invite you to explore the options of becoming a world-class escort and make a fine career out of it. If you have been enamoured by an escort�s life and the kind of money that they make, then look for Birmingham escort employment.

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    Why should I join Birmingham Dolls as an Escort?

    Birmingham Dolls are one of the premium escort agencies in the UK and have a prestigious name in the escort industry. We have top-notch customers from different backgrounds and age groups. All of them are gentlemen who know how to treat their women. Become an escort with us today because we are the busiest escort agency in town and we can guarantee you high earnings every day without any nonsense. You work, you get paid as promised and the deal is straight forward. If you have the same attitude then we look forward to hearing from you! Escort jobs in Birmingham Dolls 2020 open up a plethora of opportunities so that you can use your full potential. We give you ample opportunities to prove yourself.

    Benefits of Becoming a Part of Birmingham Dolls Family

    We are constantly hiring because our business is growing by the day. So finding an opportunity with us is never a problem as long as you fit the bill. We have an ever-increasing need from our existing and new clientele.

    • With us, you can feel secure because we provide the most professional setup for you and make sure that your job is made easy along with ample security.
    • We treat you with respect and reverence and our team of professionals is always available for you to hear all your concerns.
    • Work on your own schedule without any pressure from our side and just let us know about your availability. The rest of it we will take care of for you.
    • We hire women from all ethnic backgrounds without showing any racism and everyone gets the same amount of respect with us. We consider all nationalities, ages and general statistics and you do not have to worry about anything else.
    • You do not have a good portfolio? Do not worry because our team of professional photographers will create a breath-taking portfolio for you without using any photoshop.
    • Your identity will be secure with us and we do not publish it on any social media. We respect your privacy as much as we respect you. Birmingham Dolls is a master of disguise when it comes to the privacy of our customers and our staff working for us.
    • Birmingham Dolls gives extend support to new-comers by making sure that they are introduced to the right customers in the beginning and until they are comfortable with donning the escort shoes.
    • We do not charge any joining or signing up fees and our joining procedure is pretty simple and straightforward.


    How do I join Birmingham Dolls?

    Our escorts recruitment procedure is extremely simple and is not at all time-consuming. If you are serious about becoming an escort then contact us immediately with a few photographs and your contact number. One of our staff members will promptly get back to you.

    We are a well-proven escort company and our reputation speaks for itself. When you are working as an escort it is very important that you are backed by a reputed escort agency. Escort jobs in Birmingham are available in plenty; however, finding a job with a reputed company is the right thing to do for you.

    You may wonder whether we are a safe escort service. Yes, Birmingham Dolls is a very safe company to work for and we also care about your safety and wellbeing just like we care about ourselves. We understand that our business means nothing without your services.

    Most of our clients are top-notch businessmen or gentlemen from an affluent background and basically the rich and famous. Most of the times they want you to accompany them to parties, important social events, the opera, or short trips and holidays and so on. All of them are perfect gentlemen seeking companionship and they have good skills of being attentive and basically are a good company. We can assure you that you will be in safe hands.

    So, go ahead and send us your details and photographs. We will get right back to you. Fill your details now