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5 Tips and Tricks To Help Women Have Better Orgasms

Do you want to cum? If you wish to get in touch with your inner (and outer) ‘Oo’ you have come to the promised land, and we are going to spill all the dirty secrets to help you reach climax faster than Usain Bolt’s 100m record (9.58 seconds).

Although vaginas are anatomically similar to one another, women reach climax in different ways.

Did you know, the KINK! host and sex specialist Alix Fox claims every 2 out of 3 women aren’t reaching climax during sexual intercourse (specifically sex). This wouldn’t be a problem if people with a penis weren’t climaxing as easily as they do.

Cumming shouldn’t be the intention of sex, but rather it should be a commemorative experience between two people to indulge in intimacy. However, when John Smith is reaching climax every time and you are unable to have that sexual release you may need to address the sexual inequality.

Mind, Body, & Soul

Unlike men who are able to reach climax easily, women have gone on record saying that in order to reach a sexual climax they must feel a connection to their partner, be in the right frame of mind, and feel emotionally and physically well. For women, stress, anxiety, medication, etc. can kill an orgasm quicker than the sun melting waxwings (poor Icarus).

Even the smallest of details can affect your potential orgasm, like a lock on the door preventing unwanted guests or maintaining a cozy environment you feel comfortable in.

Oo, ah, just a little bit more

Women tend to have a longer sexual response cycle compared to men. This means it takes women on average a longer time to reach sexual satisfaction. Spending more time on foreplay will increase your chance of orgasm.

Men and women undersell and underappreciate foreplay. It takes a backseat to the ‘real sex’ (penetration); however, for a vast majority of people foreplay is real sex. In the same way, you get your car serviced, you need to be serviced to keep the floodgates open and you purring.

Foreplay includes anything you and your partner indulge before the act of penetration. Here are some suggestions for you to try; erotic storytelling, body appreciation, oral sex, manual sex, massages, and shower time. Spend time showing love to all their and your sensitive stimulation areas. To kick off foreplay, start with sensual kissing and explore their body.


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Pushed to the edge, your about to break

Are you looking for a more intense orgasm? Try edging. Edging is where you slowly build towards the climax, then stop. After repeating, you allow yourself to let go and experience an intense orgasm unlike any other.

If you try edging with a partner, let them know when you are about to cum and have them ease off; however, make sure you do not lose the possibility of an orgasm all together!


All About The Clit

Did you know there are over 8,000 nerves at the tip of the clitoris? It’s no surprise women get a lot of satisfaction from clitoral play! The key to clitoral stimulation is to ease in and slowly build up speed and pressure when prompted.

Try ‘The Rub’ technique to begin with and expand once you feel comfortable. The Rub makes use of your fingers or a sex toy. You begin by sliding up and down, or by using a back and forth motion.

So there you have it, Birmingham Dolls‘ tips and techniques to help women have better orgasms. Let us know if you enjoyed the article and if there are any others you could add to the list.